V-PBL Format

League Format

  1. Each Team Plays 6 TIEs (Team A vs Team B) in League Stage
  2. Each TIE consists of 5 Matches
  3. Each Matches shall be best of 3 Games


  1. Each Game is to be of 15 points each. At 14-14, the player winning next point wins the Game.
  2. Every match won will contribute +1 to the overall match tie score for that team, and every match lost will contribute 0 points to the over match tie score (Trump Matches differ, as explained below).

Trump Match Format

  1. In a tie (Team A Vs Team B), each team will choose one match to be a Trump Match
  2. If the match picked by a team as the Trump Match is won, then it contributes +2 points to the match tie score.
  3. If the Trump Match is lost, then -1 point is deducted from that team's overall match tie score